C&K LOC offers  free CET programme annually to local optometrists & dispensing Opticians. Our events are very popular and sometimes over subscribed. For this reason we will be implementing a waiting list policy. Please do not worry you will be notified if this applies to your application for a place on an event. In the interest of fairness and respect for colleagues C&K LOC also reserves the right to temporarily exclude any optometrist or dispensing optician our CET events who repeatedly fails to attend booked CET events. If you are unable to attend please contact one of the LOC officer more than 48 hrs before an event.



As of October 2019 Colleagues who fail to attend an event with less the 48 hrs notice to the LOC before an event will have their registration cancelled for the next event in the CET program, (if you are registered) and put you on a “reserve list”. If spaces are available for this event, we will let you know in advance. You will be able to register for future events next year as normal. (We will of cause consider any exceptional circumstances).

Please understand this is done to keep access to these course a fair as possible and give all colleagues a fair chance to gain their interactive CET points locally.

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  Myopia Ccontrol

sponsor: Cooper Vision & MiSight 1 day lenses.

The platform will be via zoom.


Session 1: 25th February will be a CET Presentation "First Steps in Myopia Management". 1 CET point for MOs,CLOs and DOs.

Additional learing via: "Mi Sight 1 Day with Brilliant Futures accreditation programme" (see link below). Ideally this is best completed between the two events, so any questions or queries can be addressed at the Peer discussion zoom.


Session 2: 11th March which will be a peer review interactive CET “The Art of Prescribing for Myopia", also via zoom for one hour with 3 CET points for MOs,CLOs and DOs.



Please see below all of the links and information you need about our two upcoming sessions;


Thursday 25th February at 7pm. CET Presentation -  1 point.

Please register using the link below;



*OPTIONAL* MiSight 1 day with Brilliant Futures accreditation programme. This carries no CET points.


Once registered you will receive an email from Mark Halling which will give you information about the modules and the new Brilliant Futures programme. Please note that you need to complete the modules listed 1-8 rather than the ‘Myopia Management Webinars’. 

The advantage of the accreditation course being completed in between the modules is that the consultants can answer any questions you may have at the next session.


Thursday 11th March at 7pm. Peer Discussion – 3 CET points.

Please register using the link below;





CET Presentation ‘First Steps in Myopia management’ – 1 hour (1 point)

1.2.4 Be able to explain to patients the clinical implications of myopia
2.5.3 Understand the latest clinical research relating to myopia management 
5.3.3 Understand the use of contact lenses as myopia control strategy
6.1.1 Understand the relationship between myopia and risk of ocular diseases 

Peer Review Interactive CET ‘The Art of Prescribing for Myopia’ – 1 hour (3 points)

  • Understand myopia development and the risks associated with increasing myopia and can balance those risks against the risk of treatment.

  • Understand strategies for advising young patients and their parents on myopia management and the likely success (or not) of various treatment options.

  • Understand the evidence-base behind a range of options for myopia management, knows how to incorporate myopia management into clinical practice and at what stage to intervene.

  • Understand the evidence-base behind a range of myopia management options and understand the different strategies that may be applied in their practice. 



Need to cancel registration for an event?

Need to cancel registration for an event?

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