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Graduation Caps

Chair Person: Alexander Swystun,

Optometrist, Performer

Old-Fashioned Clock

Vice Chair Person: Richard Hurdley,

Optometrist, Contractor

Two Pens on Notebook

Secretary: Alice Morgan, Optometrist, Performer

Variety of Coins

Treasurer/Web Master: Oliver D. Sewell, Optometrist, Performer

Engineering Sketch

Joint Vice Chair Kel Plahay, Optometrist, DO, Contractor

Retro Campervan

Andrew Lomas, Optometrist, Contractor

Red love heart on hearts

Gareth Hart, Optometrist, Contractor

Eye Test Glasses

Steve Dando, Optometrist, Contractor

Laptop Writing

Administrator: Russell Ramsden,

Optometrist, Performer

Woman & Doctor

Dr Stella Griffiths, Optometrist, Performer

Eye Doctor

Rachel Dixon, Optometrist, Performer

Paper Cat

Gareth Williams, Optometrist, Performer

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